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From my 40+ years experiences working with various sized companies as in-house counsel and in large firms, I see a wide gap between clients' needs and how legal services are being provided. We need to stop this vicious cycle, and SeedJura provides clients a better option.
Phyllis Shuster
Chief Team Intelligence Officer
Today's legal technologies are developed by technologists with limited understanding of legal services, resulting in low adoption rates among lawyers. However, at SeedJura, our technologies provide client centric solutions built to be used by clients and their lawyers.
Geneve DuBois
Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer
Based on my 40+ years of experience in designing and building many signature technology systems, building legal technologies are much more complex than other industries because of the nature of users and legal processes.  We are laser-focused on usability and adaptability.
Dale DuBois
Chief Technology Officer
SeedJura platforms give law firms more flexibility in how to structure their legal services and legal fees with their clients. SeedJura technologies take in consideration of how lawyers actually work on a daily basis.
Tony Alfonso
Strategic Alliance Architect

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